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Quality Guarantee

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1 L Spring Water in Glass


Perfect sparkling water for single- or multi-serve convenience for home, restaurant or upscale retail stores. We are sure you will love its energizing effect.

500 ml Spring Water


Enjoy your favorite spring water in the most popular shape! This water is great to share and drink at any weather and is a reasonable offer for any budget.

750 ml Sparkling Water


Need a greater amount of our spring water at an affordable price? Then Water’s 500 ml spring water is your #1 fit. Available at all major department stores and online.

333 ml Spring Water


Wherever it is served, our Spring Water is the finest pairing for any dish. Our spring’s unique blend of minerals provides a remarkably refreshing taste.


What Is JPNeer ?

JPNeer (JP Enterprise) was established in 2012 with an aim to serve purified water to customers at their doorstep within a short time. We are committed to provide you with pure water as per your need, be it a single can or in bulk quantity.

Who Are We ?

JPNeer (JP Enterprise) is a water supply company serving customers with purified water within a short time. Customer needs to place the order online on the official site of JPNeer Or on an app, with correct information and delivery details. JPNeer will ensure you timely delivery without any complaints.

Providing The Solution

Dont have water at your home?

Getting impured water from your tap?

Tired off from your suppliers service?

Get rid of all these problems with just one solution: JPNeer ! Contact us and we will be there with your order.

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